Ubitransport propose une vraie rupture technologique en offrant un SAE (Système d’Aide à l’Exploitation) couplé en natif avec ses différentes solutions métier (2School, 2Place, etc.).

Equipé d’un smartphone ou d’une tablette, chaque véhicule est géolocalisé et le SAE permet d’avoir accès au suivi des données d’exploitation montantes et descendantes en temps réel.

La puissance du SAE Ubitransport permet la mise à disposition de ces données d’exploitation, via un outil d’export instantané y compris pour les courses en cours de réalisation.

Le SAE peut être déployé dans un premier temps sans la fonction Billettique. Un ajout postérieur de la billettique se fait sans aucune remise en cause des investissements initiaux.

En savoir plus sur le SAE (lien hypertexte vers la rubrique III 1/ Les réseaux commerciaux)

Computer-Aided Dispatch / Automatic Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL)

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CAD/AVL (Computer-Aided Dispatch / Automatic Vehicle Location) collects real-time location data from buses and identifies whether they are running early or late, how far they have traveled, if they are stopping at correct stop points, and more.

Our CAD/AVL module integrates natively with our fare collection solution.

Combining these two modules allows you to see from one webpage operational and ridership data in real time.

This data includes the vehicle’s load factor, the number of boardings at each stop point, the ability to cross-check fares of those who pay cash on boarding.

CAD/AVL can be deployed independently of fare collection, which can be added subsequently.

Equipped with an off-the-shelf smartphone or tablet, each vehicle is geolocated, while the power of CAD/AVL gives access to operational data feeds in both directions, in real time.

The various stakeholders involved can anticipate, manage and optimize the system’s operation.

Our CAD/AVL system includes on-board components to improve safety on board the vehicle. Drivers can follow early/late indicators, remaining distance, correct stop points, information on riders, and more. If there are unplanned events on the route, they can also send messages to the back-office so administrators can address the issue immediately.

Data can be viewed via an instant export tool as dashboards, includingtrips in progress.

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